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Back from the Brink - The Podcast

Dec 21, 2020

Episode 9 is about pandemics. A topical issue of 2020, disease pandemics have affected not just our human communities, but those of plants too. Belonging to the Myrtaceae plant family, the Angle-stemmed Myrtle (Gossia gonoclada) is thought to have always been a rare tree. But since 2010, the Angle-stemmed Myrtle along with dozens of other Aussie natives like it have fallen foul to the myrtle rust disease (Austropuccinia psidiiwhich arrived in Australia by unknown means and is destroying our flora. We learn from Dr Louise Shuey, Dr Alice Hayward and Dr Anne Sawyer about how this disease spreads and how we can cure it. Natura Pacific wishes to thank Dr Geoff Pegg and Dr Alistair McTaggart for their contributions to this research.


To find out more about the amazing Angle-stemmed Myrtle and how you can help save it from extinction, search for Natura Pacific Back from the Brink - Season 3 Episode 4 available on YouTube, LinkedIn, IGTV and the Natura Pacific Facebook Page, or watch here: